Zele Huber Trial Attorneys Undergoes Law Firm Rebrand

Zele Huber Trial Attorneys, announced it has completed the first significant firm rebrand. The professionally led rebrand has resulted in a new firm logo and identity suite, social media presence, tagline and the firms website zhattorneys.com.

The tagline was one of the most intense aspects of the rebrand exercise and arguably, the most important. It’s About Time encompasses what law partners Greg Zele and Greg Huber see as the fundamental difference between their firm and so many others. Greg Huber comments, “Where we win, how we win, is by putting in the attorney time to bring our clients the best opportunity for positive outcomes. This is our practice model.” This is in stark contrast to a popular law practice model that relies on off-sourcing as much of the legal work as possible to paraprofessionals, such as legal assistants and paralegals.

Coinciding with the rebrand, the law firm has expanded its practice areas to encompass an even stronger focus on consumer safety and protection. Partner Greg Zele commented, “When most people think of injury law, they think of car accidents. In reality, defective products and drugs are two major causes of injuries and illnesses to consumers.” He continued, “The defective products and mass torts practice areas encompassed under our expansion, allow the firm to represent individuals who have been harmed by a product, medication, medical device or apparatus.”