We like our chances.

We like our chances because of the attorney time we put into every case. Your Zele Huber trial attorney answers your legal questions. Your attorney explains the strategy of your case. Your attorney provides you with frequent, detailed updates on the status and progress of your case. You regularly communicate your concerns, your desires and your expectations direct to your attorney. Trial attorneys Greg Zele and Greg Huber have intentionally structured their law firm to operate this way.


We prepare you and your case for trial. Not every case goes to trial. Few do. Yours probably won’t. That does not change how we prepare. Spending the necessary attorney time, preparing from day one as though we are headed to trial is our tactical advantage.


Insurance companies usually don’t bring in their lawyer until very late in a case. The insurance adjuster negotiates how much money he or she believes you deserve for your serious injuries. In most cases, only when the adjuster eventually realizes that we won’t take an unfair offer, do they finally call in their attorney. That’s when many insurance companies’ attorneys are first introduced to your case. That’s when their work begins. Our work began the day you contacted our office. We’re ready. We’ve been ready.

It’s about time.

Your Zele Huber trial attorney has spent countless hours on your case. Every critical conversation about your case, either with you, your witnesses, your doctors or the insurance company, has taken place with your attorney. When the time comes for real settlement negotiations, or to get ready for trial, your attorney is prepared. No one knows your case better than your attorney.

We use the insurance company’s attitude against them.

You have a choice.

Not all law firms operate like Zele Huber Trial Attorneys. Many law firms leave much of the work to non-lawyers in the early stages of a case. At some point much later in the process, the attorney is introduced to your case for the first time. We believe our attorney-driven model gives our attorneys the very best opportunity to achieve a successful outcome on your behalf.

Peace of mind from time spent.

Communication and close contact place your attorney between you and a confusing and sometimes intimidating process. We know having a voice that speaks the language of the process is comforting. Your attorney is your voice, expressing your real needs and the insurance company’s failure to meet its responsibilities. Your voice will be heard.

Make your choice count.

Zele Huber