A referral relationship with Zele Huber Trial Attorneys may benefit you and your client. There are many good reasons to refer a client to our office. You may be “conflicted out” of a matter. You may choose not to devote money or staff time to a particular case. You may feel your chances improve by bringing in an experienced trial lawyer who has an established track record of success in similar cases.

  • We pay referral fees in accordance with all rules governing the Florida Bar and referral relationships best practices.
  • Be as involved as you choose.
  • We communicate with you consistently about the progress of the case.
  • We do not poach your clients.


  • As early in the case as possible
  • When it becomes clear litigation is necessary
  • When you choose not to expend money or staff time to try a case to verdict
  • When you feel your case would benefit from trial experience beyond what is currently available at your firm


For more information, contact: Greg Zele or Greg Huber

561.630.9700 | 877.345.9797