Why You Need An Attorney

One question we often hear from potential clients is do I really even need an attorney?  After all, everyone likes to believe that they know how to negotiate so why pay an attorney?  The simplest answer is that studies have shown that hiring an experienced personal injury attorney to represent you in your claim for injuries will greatly improve your recovery from an insurance company.  After all, attorneys who have handled thousands of cases are likely to have a better understanding of the value of your case and what similar cases have settled for in your area.

However, our ability to negotiate a fair settlement is only one reason you need competent representation.  Most people do not realize that at the conclusion of their case health insurers, doctors, in some cases the government, and other so called “collateral sources” are legally entitled to recover money from them.  When you bought your health insurance or received medical treatment you may have agreed to pay your health insurance company or doctors back for money they paid and/or treatment they provided should you successfully recover money for injuries from the person or company that caused your injuries.  If you fail to pay your financial obligations at the conclusion of your case you could find your bills sent to collections and face dire financial consequences personally.

As such, one of the most valuable services your attorney can provide is to negotiate medical bills and health care liens and generally protect you from financial obligations of which you might not even be aware.  At the conclusion of your case, the attorneys at Zele Huber will vigorously negotiate your bills, liens and other financial obligations in order to maximize the value of the settlement we have obtained on your behalf and make sure you and your recovery are protected.