Partner, Greg Huber, Runs For the Board of Directors of the Palm Beach County Bar Association

As part of their ongoing commitment to the legal community and the community at large Partner, Greg Huber, is running for the Board of Directors for the Palm Beach County Bar Association.  When asked why he is running and what he believes he can contribute, Greg responded as follows:

“Upon moving to Palm Beach County in 2004, I quickly became impressed with the PBCBA’s efforts to foster relationships between the Judiciary and the Bar, improve the image of attorneys in the community and provide continuing educational opportunities to its members. Through the years, I have had the opportunity to help advance the PBCBA’s goals by serving on several committees including: the Law Week Committee, Independence of the Judiciary, the Client Relations Committee, the Professionalism Committee and the Judicial Relations Committee.
I am most proud of my work on the PBCBA’s annual Bench Bar Conference which provides exceptional legal education, direct interaction with the Judiciary and networking opportunities to its attendees. I am privileged to be the co-chair of the 2012 Bench Bar Conference and humbled to be involved in building upon the many successes of the previous Bench Bar Conferences. Last year I also worked on the Bench Bar Conference as the co-chair of the personal injury section and prior to that participated as a panelist for the personal injury section.
In addition to my service to the PBCBA, as the owner of a small firm, I believe I would bring a unique perspective to the Board. I have enjoyed serving the PBCBA through my work on the various committees and would be honored to continue my service to the members of PBCBA as Board member. I sincerely appreciate your consideration”

Zele Huber is asking all members of the Palm Beach County Bar Association to please vote for Greg Huber so he continue to serve it members as a Director.  Thank you