6 Questions You Need To Ask Before Choosing An Attorney

Choosing an attorney or law firm to represent you is a big decision.  How can you be sure the firm you choose truly has your best interests at heart?  Before you sign a contract with a personal injury attorney ask the following questions:


1.       Does the attorney’s contract guarantee in writing that their law firm won’t seek to recover costs against you, if there is no recovery? 


Ours does.  Some firms guarantee that they won’t charge you a fee if they don’t make a recovery on your behalf, but they don’t guarantee that they won’t seek to recover the costs associated with your case.  The Florida Bar allows an unsuccessful attorney to seek to recover their costs from you.  At Zele Huber we promise in writing that we will not seek fees OR costs from you if we don’t make a recovery on your behalf.  We believe that if you don’t get paid neither should we!  You should question whether any firm that won’t make such a guarantee really has your best interests at heart.


2.       Does the firm charge interest on outstanding costs? 


We don’t.  Although the Florida Bar permits attorneys to charge interest on outstanding costs, we do not.  If the attorney you are considering hiring charges you interest on their costs ask them to remove that language from their contract.  If they refuse or show any reluctance that is another warning sign that they don’t have your best interests at heart.


3.       Does the firm charge a flat “investigative” or “administrative” cost to every file? 


We don’t .  Many firms try to nickel and dime you.  They charge a flat cost to every file regardless of the size of the settlement.  If there is such a hidden cost in the contract ask them to remove it.  Again, if they refuse to do it, question whether they have your best interests at heart.


4.       Did the attorney refuse to give you his or her cell phone number?


We do.  At Zele Huber we believe in personal service and accessibility.  Our attorney’s cell phone numbers are printed on our business cards.  You can contact us anytime.


5.       Will your file primarily be in the hands of a paralegal?


Not with us.  Many firms use paralegals to do all the pre-suit work on the files.  In fact some firms even have paralegals sign up cases.  At Zele Huber we stress individual relationships with your attorney – not a paralegal.  An attorney will handle you case from sign-up through settlement or trial.


6.       Did the attorney come to you?


We will.  Again, many firms will send a paralegal to sign up a case.  At Zele Huber we’ll come to your home, doctor’s office, hospital or place of work to meet with you if that is more convenient for you.  In fact, in most cases there is no need for you to come to our office at all in order for us to handle you entire case.